Being associated with Sunlush Lamps Industrial Co, VENEZINA is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural lighting in China, and has got over 20 years of industry experiences


No.6 Baofeng Road, Yongkou Industrial Zone, Shijie Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong, China




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Company Profile




Our brand VENEZINA is standing for high quality & professional lighting products which is developed to tackle the medium to high-end market in the

architectural lighting business. Our superior product quality as well as back-up service have met the customer needs in various markets in the world.



Being associated with Sunlush Lamps Industrial Co, VENEZINA is one of the largest  manufacturers of architectural lighting in China, and has got over 23 years of industry experience. We mainly produce Recessed Down Light, Track Light, LED Lights, Wall Lights, Office Light, Ceiling Lights, Garden Lights and so on. All the products are CE certified. The New VENEZINA industrial zone spans with an area of 100,000 square meters and has over 80 modern production lines.

Venezina has been committed to constant innovation in the lighting field since its foundation. With over 20 years endeavor, we now owns complete professional lighting products from single product of the start-up period, the market share still expanding.


We continue to adhere the below philosophy: Our customers are our first priority, product excellence, thoughtful service. Focusing on the professional lighting market while enhancing the value of light, we service the global customers with high quality products and efficient operation system.

The General Guidelines of R & D


· Getting close to the actual needs of the market and the potential demand in the future, to design and develop innovative products that can meet the current market demand or that can create the future market demand.


· The development idea and process of the product, including the appearance, structure, function, installation, materials, costs, etc. are absolutely carried out from the perspective of customers, bold creation, we can never be too careful in striving for perfection.


· Product approval has to be simulated customers which throughout the procurement, installation, each step of the using process, one by one testing. To be safe, reliable, efficient, simple and nice appearance.


· The customers are who can judge it is quality product or not, so the product development from beginning to end need to maintain close communication with the customer and market, to form the interaction , close to the market pulse . That's the guiding principle of R & D.




The essence of professional lighting market demand


· Complete product line close to market pulse.

· Reliable quality, prompt delivery capability.

· Convenient and smooth communication.


The Focus of professional lighting customers


· First:       Performace.

· Second:    Function.

· Third:      Apperance.

· Fourth:     Installation.

· Fifth:       Material.

· Sixth:      Price.



The Strategy of Specialization VS Demand Diversification


· Modular design.

· Common group parts.

· Unique structure for fast transformation of

· various functions.



A sense of optimistic is central to our brand expression, and that sensibility leads to imaginative and innovative communications. Our media should reflect an optimistic, unpretentious spirit, and demonstrate that we deliver on what we can imagine. Innovative Using the creative know-how of our people and the development and application of cutting-edge technology, we seek new opportunities to deliver breakthrough solutions for our customers.




We are a modern, proficien, dynamically led company that never stands still. In touch with customers, society and our communities, accessible and open, inclusive and diverse, we are always looking for new and better ways of doing business. Simple Simplicity in our communications results in impact. It means presenting complex services and products in the clearest and precise way we can.

Our Vision


To be a leading commercial lighting consultant, innovating for a brighter world. This vision has three core elements: We are innovators and we always have been. We use our skills and abilities to advance into the future. The people who work here are innovative thinkers – using their creative talents to push technology to the limits. We make intelligent transformer/ballast applying our collective talents to important issues and problems.


As a systematic company, we are at the forefront of connectivity and integration. We link people, technology, design and infrastructure to create professional/practical solutions. The work we do is important because it helps to light the world we live in for future generations. We take our responsibilities very seriously; we work alongside with many European firms (importers and manufactures) to increase their markets shares.


Our Strategy


To achieve this vision we have to established the management concept of “Serving the clients, strategic partners and exploring business together” as to strengthen the venezina brand and become the lead atmospheric lighting consultant in China. Our Values: At the core of our work are our values. These given foundation to our vision: they are what we care about as a company and inform how we conduct our business.




We will set targets to be the best, continually challenging the way we do things as individuals and members of our teams. People: All our people will be encouraged to realize their full potential as valued members of the team. Innovation and technology: We consistantly encourage our staff for new ideas, new technologies and new ways of working to secure sustained, competitive

advantage. Partnering: Our future. We will strive to be the partner of choice and be respected by everyone for our co-operation and openness.

"Integrity, optimism, progressive" is VENEZINA's business concept, and to be a world well-known brand in architectural lighting field is our ultimate goal. Meanwhile, we advocate energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection, and have been making unremitting efforts to this end. We are specialising in "Lighting Innovation" as we try to let people feel the joy of light.

Due to our understanding and pursuit of the illuminant technique and the art of lighting, we are committed to innovate in the field of lighting, so that people can enjoy the joy of light, for which we paid a 23-years unremitting efforts .


Innovation is the driving force of development. In the wave of the green lighting led by LED,  VENEZINA people seized the new opportunity,  that the development of our company entered a new era. We believe that continuing to create new value for customers and good service quality, is the key to success in the market competition. We hope through our efforts to achieve customer value, social value and enterprise value of harmony and unity.


"Xiongguan ten thousand as the iron, and now the move from scratch." Development road is never smooth, with immense courage and perseverance, we will overcome all difficulties and obstacles. With our wisdom and efforts, we will achieve a more brilliant future.