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Assessment: create a warm family atmosphere VENEZINA Lighting Wall Series


Assessment: create a warm family atmosphere VENEZINA Lighting Wall Series

2010/07/29 13:59
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The Editor:
Light brightness, softness of the atmosphere created is very helpful, generally in the home is decorated in simple and elegant use of light, can be elegant embellishment to the environment, Wealthy, and create an atmosphere that the best means of light than Application and matching wall today, found room on a home network Checker wall series to start evaluation - VENEZINA lighting wall lamp series.
VENEZINA Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, headquartered in Hong Kong, and in 1992 at the end of the construction investment in Dongguan VENEZINA Lighting Factory. Manufacturing and selling various high, medium lamp, quartz lamp, lights, mirror lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant and electronic transformers and other products. The plant area of nearly 20,000 square meters, more than 400 employees, annual output of 100 million yuan, fully in accordance with ISO9001 for action, and realized the computer management. Existing manufacturing various types of lighting equipment: punch 40, the rivet machine 10 sets, coating lines and 20 assembly lines, pipe production line, die-casting machines, from semi-finished product assembly process to a full production capacity.
Since its inception, has worked in China, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Hohhot, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanning, Kunming and other areas set up throughout the country the major cities of the sales department and specialty stores, is now fully expand the domestic and international markets. All products are in compliance with product standards in China, all products have been certified by the Great Wall.
Evaluation of the early impression:
The Wall family of products in general seems very simple, rectangular and cylindrical shape to the main material them altogether as "aluminum", looks very modern metal feel, with white walls gives people a sense of solemnity. Direction divided by light can be divided into three categories: up light, down light and two light.
 Assessment details:
In the light off, the wall seems little angry, very common, and even some of the square wall hanging on the wall of the compartment as the office, but when the light turns on, a soft yellow light hit the white wall, in line with aluminum silver shell texture, makes the eyes bright, the atmosphere appeared calm throughout the product.
Determine the location of wall installation:
(1)General wall height, distance from face (referring to the 80 ~ 85cm from the ground level) for 1440 ~ 1850mm, the distance from the ground 2240 ~ 2650mm. Bedroom wall from the ground can be almost certain, around about 1400 ~ 1700mm.
(2)Wall singled out from the wall, about 95 ~ 400mm.
Consistent color throughout the section, although only the main rectangular and cylindrical shape, but according to different needs, set different locations and with different light-emitting glass surface, so that the overall shape more diverse products.
This series of products for the frosted glass surface, this layer of frosting and did not affect the light level, but through the principles will diffuse the light scatters, it is even more soft.
Buy wall, the first to look at the quality of light itself. Shade usually made of glass, while the stent is generally made of metal. Shade mainly depends on the suitability of its light transmittance, and surface pattern and color should echo the room's overall style. Corrosion resistance of metals is good, color and luster is bright and full checks are an important indicator of quality.
This wall of light worked well, so members of the demolition measurement of a lamp down, see also the three stand lighting products, production of more sophisticated, introduced by the clerk that this section bulbs in three sizes, namely, 20W, 35W and 50W, use can be selected according to the actual situation of the brightness of light.
Wall light brightness
Generally speaking, soft light is better, the degree to less than 60 watts. In addition to the installation of the need to select different types of wall, such as: the room is, I just use a single head lamp, the room large, then the use of double-headed wall, a large space, then you can choose thicker wall; Instead, opt for thin some of . Finally, note that the best choice for a protective shield of the wall lamp, this can prevent ignition wallpaper, be dangerous.
Open the lamp for some time, the evaluation staff tried his hand touched the surface of what the glass, some slight fever, demonstrate good energy conservation, but also to some extent increase the durability.
The light weight is not heavy, with left and right sides of the screw embedded in the wall, shook his Checker Shi Jin, feel more secure, but consumers must pay attention after the installation of a solid, to prevent unsafe events.
Assessment Summary:
This three light wall lamp stand series, with aluminum-based material can be moisture, corrosion, modeling simple, built-in three stand lamp, high luminous efficiency, light out through the frosted glass, soft light, to create a good family atmosphere. Prices, businesses are given a discount of 6.5 fold, fold the entire section of products after the price of about 100-200 yuan. However, it also has its own drawbacks, first of all, color uniform, no pattern, only one color can be selected, rather some of the less fashionable; Second, once installed on the wall, the interior of the pattern of change on the poor, for example, , to install a wall bed, bed to move the location, but also the wall of the move, too much trouble.
Wall purchasing Notes:
Wall style specification to be coordinated with the installation sites, such as the large room can double fire wall safe, small room can be a single fire safety lamp.
Wall and installation of wall color to the color coordination.
Wall of Baohou environmental coordination with the installation site. If the space around the large optional thick wall; if the thin wall around the narrow options.
Lamp light source power consistent with the purpose of use.
Wall mounting height to head slightly higher than is appropriate.