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VENEZINA lighting involved in student activities, love


VENEZINA lighting involved in student activities, love

2014/12/27 01:44
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With the September 1 start date approaches, some of the children of poor families attend school has a lot of people love the attention. Jinsheng International Home Jiangdongmen Square 30 property owners with love, specifically through Jinsheng store recently, Jianye District Education Bureau in touch with the second South Lake Primary School, will be the school's 30 students from the poor families contribute 1,000 yuan each corresponding to to help these children to better face the new semester.
Jinsheng International Home Jiangdong Gate Plaza, said the founding general manager of package, the total amount of contributions to the owners of 3 million homes by Jinsheng love the owners claim the 30 children of a poor family, each donor 1000. August 28, Jinsheng International Home Jiangdongmen Square will hold a donation ceremony, formally submitted to the donor shall be donated for each primary hand, then Jianye District Bureau of Education, South Lake for the second primary school will attend the relevant At the donation ceremony.
It is understood that South Lake Primary School No. 30 by the donor of the school pupils are "Spring Bud Plan" girl, because of family poverty, schools have been related to its reduction of tuition, fees, etc.. The love of money donated will help the owners of these "Spring Bud Girls" to better address their cost of living, so that they can feel more at ease going into the study.