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How to remove the led downlight?

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Update Time : 2023-05-06 14:05:23

LED downlight is a product improved and developed on the basis of traditional downlights based on new LED lighting sources. Its advantages are energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering, and fast response speed. However, this kind of lamps are gradually being used. Corridors, living rooms, conference rooms and other places are very common. It is more suitable to make a suspended ceiling, so how to remove the LED recessed downlights?

How to remove the led downlight? The method is very simple. A downlight is a lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and emits light down. There is a spring buckle on each side, which can be taken off directly. Downlights generally have a screw cap, which can be directly mounted on incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps. The led downlight has been used for a long time, and how should it be replaced and repaired when it fails?

1. Prepare the tools required for the replacement and maintenance of led downlights. Generally, the common tools for replacing and repairing led downlights include: electric tape, a set of LED downlights of the same model, pliers, and a small hand saw if necessary.

2. Turn off the power and slowly buckle down the lamp. Pay attention to the reed clip on the lamp. After seeing it, press it down with your finger to take out the lamp. If you don’t pay attention to the reed clip, you will be injured by the reed clip when you pull down the lamp head , so be careful when removing old bad led downlights.

3. Then first disassemble the connector and replace the lamp head. If the driver does not move, turn on the light switch. If the light is not on, it can be determined that the driver is faulty and replace the driver.

4. Turn off the light switch at this time, it is best to turn off the main power supply, and then remove the power supply line of the drive (it can also be cut short directly), then remove the bad drive and then switch the power input section of the new drive. , The two lamp wires are peeled off.

5. Wrap one of the driver power cords on one of the lamp power cords (lighting power is not divided into positive and negative), wrap it well, stick it with electrical tape, and connect the other one in the same way and wrap it with electric tape.

6. It is about to be completed. Next, the power-on experiment, turn on the switch and the light will be on. If it is not on, repeat the above steps, but instead of replacing the driver, you can directly replace the led downlight.

If the LED power supply is damaged, just buy a power supply with the same parameters such as voltage and current, and replace it. If the LED lights are damaged more, and the damaged LED patch lights are concentrated in the same area, you can cut off the damaged section and re-weld it.


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How to remove the led downlight? How to remove the led downlight?
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