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Focus on R&D

Focus on R&D

The General Guidelines

Getting close to the actual needs of the market and the potential demand in the future, to design and develop innovative products that can meet the current market demand or that can create the future market demand.

· The development idea and process of the product, including the appearance, structure, function, installation, materials, costs, etc. are absolutely carried out from the perspective of customers, bold creation, we can never be too careful in striving for perfection.

· Product approval has to be simulated customers which throughout the procurement, installation, each step of the using process, one by one testing. To be safe, reliable, efficient, simple and nice appearance.

· The customers are who can judge it is quality product or not, so the product development from beginning to end need to maintain close communication with the customer and market, to form the interaction , close to the market pulse . That's the guiding principle of R & D.

The essence of professional lighting market demand

· Complete product line close to market pulse.

· Reliable quality, prompt delivery capability.

· Convenient and smooth communication.

The Focus of professional lighting customers

· First:       Performance.

· Second:    Function.

· Third:      Appearance.

· Fourth:     Installation.

· Fifth:       Material.

· Sixth:      Price.

The Strategy of Specialization VS Demand Diversification

· Modular design.

· Common group parts.

· Unique structure for fast shift.

· Various functions.