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Introduction of VENEZINA

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Update Time : 2023-05-16 17:15:38

Commercial lighting engineering is an indispensable part of modern urban construction, and it plays a pivotal role in the interior and exterior construction of buildings. As an expert in the field of commercial lighting, venezina is committed to providing customers with high-quality commercial lighting engineering services, and its application fields cover hotels, offices, shopping malls, chain stores, clubs, restaurants, villas, apartments, etc. This article will introduce you to the applications and highlights of our commercial lighting projects.

1. Hotel lighting project

The color and brightness of the light will give people different feelings, venezina provides customized solutions according to the atmosphere, style and needs of the hotel. Venezina believes that by flexibly configuring the various levels of the hotel space, reducing cumbersomeness, increasing the sense of flow, and making it easier to realize the commercial lighting design of alternate atmospheres, it can maximize the visual enjoyment of the hotel and create a comfortable and harmonious hotel environment. Customers feel a unique and luxurious hotel experience.

2. Office lighting project

In various building types, offices need to maintain a suitable working environment and comfort. Our commercial lighting team should design lighting for different application scenarios in the office. Office lighting is beautiful and elegant, with high flexibility. The design of venezina is deeply rooted in human philosophy and ergonomics. It integrates factors such as scale, illuminance, light color, and anti-glare to achieve a perfect balance from comfort, efficiency, and energy consumption.

3. Lighting project of shopping mall chain stores

Venezina provides LED commercial lighting solutions for many well-known shopping mall chain stores, which have the advantages of long life, high fidelity, and no radiation. In shopping mall chain stores, the lighting design needs to highlight the theme of the store and let consumers understand the details of the products as much as possible. Our commercial lighting engineering team will create a different theme and atmosphere each time according to the needs of customers, so that users entering the mall chain stores will have a pleasant mood, thereby promoting consumption.

4. Club lighting project

In modern society, the club can be described as a prosperous cultural place, and good and appropriate lighting control can create a good atmosphere for customers and stimulate their purchasing subconsciousness. In our commercial lighting project, venezina will design different lighting application schemes according to different scenes and festivals according to customer needs. Let customers enjoy the feeling of comfort and enjoyment during the entertainment time in the club.

5. Restaurant lighting project

Restaurant lighting design needs to take into account many factors such as the taste of life, detail settings, difficulty and cost of special lighting, etc. We optimize the color and appearance of dishes, and use different beer, wine bar lighting, cocktail lighting, wall lighting, etc. Lighting, etc. are designed. By building a comfortable and warm environment, venezina can increase the interest and pleasure of restaurant customers, so that customers can experience better catering services and a pleasant shopping experience.

6. Villa and apartment lighting project

In residential developments such as villas and apartments, venezina can give customized suggestions, visualize the lighting scheme and design effect of the room, and let customers clearly see the impact and effect of the entire lighting system. We adhere to the concept of providing customers with considerate services, and realize the precise matching of design effects and lamp types, so that customers can create a more warm, comfortable and safe home living environment for themselves.

Finally, we have rich experience and professional capabilities in the field of commercial lighting engineering. Venezina provides customers with complete lighting solutions to help customers obtain better experience and effects in their application scenarios and fields. Our services cover hotels, offices, shopping malls, chain stores, clubs, restaurants, villas, apartments and other projects. Whether it is a simple or complex project, we are willing to provide you with professional and efficient services.



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