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How to improve hotel grades through hotel lighting design

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Update Time : 2023-06-08 18:18:51

Indoor lighting intervenes in people's journey and life in various ways, and deeply affects people's psychological and spiritual world. The lighting in the star hotel design scheme is as amazing as a rainbow. Therefore, if a professional hotel design company wants to improve the realm and star quality of hotel design, it often takes hotel lighting design as another shortcut.

In addition to satisfying the basic lighting of hotel lighting design, the hotel design company also arranges according to the particularity of the indoor space separation form:

1. The lighting design of star hotels should consider the lighting forms of different areas. The lighting design of each area should be unified and create different atmospheres. Designers should at least consider whether to use overall lighting, partial lighting, or mixed lighting.

2. When designing, it should be set according to the room furniture, furnishings, decorations, and walls, and the overall and partial lighting should be used in combination. And according to the decoration materials used in the hotel design and the texture of the material surface, consider the lighting angle, highlight the center as much as possible, and pay attention to avoid glare and shadows on people.

3. Combine the color and lightness of the furniture in the interior space of a star hotel, and design the lighting in combination with the furniture. Such a shortcut can also enhance the sense of space and three-dimensionality, thereby highlighting the shape of the furniture.

For example, in the lighting of hotel rooms, the light source should use warm colors as much as possible, the overall indoor illumination should be low, and local lighting should be used as much as possible. The hotel design company can install wall lamps or table lamps, or use the indirect lighting that the wall lamps illuminate upwards and then refracted from the ceiling, so that the star hotel rooms are not only classy but also more warm and harmonious.

In addition, in summer, the hotel can also use cold light sources to make people feel a little bit of coolness psychologically; there are also many hotel design companies that decorate the lobby and restaurants with colorful decorative lights to increase the joyful atmosphere.


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